Product development


For a Better Future Inc. asked us to create innovative concepts and transform them into a fully functional form of their new product, Pelay. It’s a gel product that helps men with their endurance, and also their partner for a longer-lasting lovemaking.

For a Better Future Inc.
  • Concept
  • Wireframe
  • UI/UX
  • Webdesign
  • Copywriting
  • xhtml/css
  • Product Websites
  • Social interactivity
  • PR
  • Wordpress

Development began with a deep conversation between us and our client, where based on the research we came up with the product’s concept and design. With clear objectives, a simple design and branding at the global level, we could start working on product pages and targeted marketing in the form of PR articles and SEO optimization, building on our own magazines.

Product visualization

Product website

Product features


OK, let’s buy!


After several months of work, the product was successfully launched (you cansee it online at The next step of the project is to switch to offline sales. So it’s possible that the product will be in your neighbourhood!

Product pages
Support pages
PR articles
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