We create more

Our mission is not just to deliver professional services for clients. Lots of agencies already do that. We do something more. We discover, design and develop successful products in our own team – and that matters a lot. Because real experience in the global market makes us more flexible and ready to help you with your established business or startup.

Calmind Increase your productivity on-demand

Calmind is beautiful example of how mixing technology with human behaviour depends on psychology. Thousands of satisfied customers will be a proof of how the digital era can make life better.

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MooVee Discover new movies by your taste

We've developed an intelligent solution that helps you to enjoy a new experience by discovering the great movies or just to keep informed about new releases. We have 75 000 movies in the database, with 15 local compatible versions.

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TeeVee Everything you need is now in your pocket

Big Bang Theory, Suits, How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones… Do you remember the last episode you saw? Or when the new ones will be released? If you’re a TV fan and feel lost in a sea of your favourite shows, this is your daily must-have application.

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