Package design


Kofila is popular coffee-chocolate bar, and we collaborated to create a new package for the occasion of the “Zdenek Rykr and The Chocolate Factory” exhibition. The final concept will be produced in a special limited edition for the Czech / Slovak market (2 million snacks).

Nestle (Concept)
  • Concept idea
  • Copywriting
  • Print design

Main Criteria:

Originality and innovativeness of the proposal.

Maintaining observables sticks Kofila in terms of preservation of such visual elements that distinguish it from other commonly sold sweets (important with regard to the planned implementation of the product).

Compliance with the tradition of the Kofila container by Zdenek Rykr (1923 ).

Adapting the packaging to the target group (women aged 25-39).

Feasibility, manufacturability.

Story of
True love

Story of
Woman’s principe


Unfortunally our concept wasn’t approved, but we are still in love with it 🙂

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