Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly Pro is exclusive natural aphrodisiac that helps increase desire of love. We designed and built a beautiful, responsive HTML5 product websites with inner order proccesing system. We also took care about content marketing, SEO, social interactivity and the best part of the job – design of product & packaging.

Official product page


A/B test
After a lot of a/b testing we finally created a high convertible order proccesing solution

Order processing

Order confirmation

Order system



Main Criteria:

Originality and innovativeness of the proposal.

Maintaining observables sticks Kofila in terms of preservation of such visual elements that distinguish it from other commonly sold sweets (important with regard to the planned implementation of the product).

Compliance with the tradition of the Kofila container by Zdenek Rykr (1923 ).

Adapting the packaging to the target group (women aged 25-39).

Feasibility, manufacturability.

Story of
True love

Story of
Woman’s principe


Unfortunally our concept wasn’t approved, but we are still in love with it 🙂


Development began with a deep conversation between us and our client, where based on the research we came up with the product’s concept and design. With clear objectives, a simple design and branding at the global level, we could start working on product pages and targeted marketing in the form of PR articles and SEO optimization, building on our own magazines.

Product visualization

Product website

Product features


OK, let’s buy!


After several months of work, the product was successfully launched (you cansee it online at The next step of the project is to switch to offline sales. So it’s possible that the product will be in your neighbourhood!

Product pages
Support pages
PR articles


We delivered a responsive new portal solution according to the client’s requirements. The magazine recently passed into the hands of a new owner who rebranded the name (from eRun to RunGO) but decided to keep the previous version of the website.



This project brings together leading European groups working in the area of kinetic modelling of space plasma to enhance and accelerate the effective scientific exploitation of existing space plasma data sets and maximize the scientific return of future space missions, both European and international. The project’s fundamental concept is to take advantage in the European context of the synergies between space plasma modelling and data analysis. Our mission was to develop a brand and user interface for their site.

Introducing SHOCK

Blog platform


The result is a graphic design with kids and themed illustrations that complement the symbolism of the shop. Part of the visual is a calligraphic cartoon logo, which was created by combining the names of children of the eShop’s owner, who founded the business because of them. The shop enjoys great popularity with moms who love Safik and recommend it to their friends.

Detail of cute product

Order confirmation

Hurray to delivery!