Okay, first I want to tell you something. What we did is a bit unusual. The following materials are somewhat „undercover“, never published anywhere, so we’d be happy if they are not widely broadcast – and at the end, you’ll learn why.

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If you’re excited about the product and want to try it, I have a bit of bad news – Calmind is not yet in the AppStore. We’re still working on it, but unfortunately sometimes things do not go as well as they should. We will try our best to make the product available as soon as possible. Please be patient. If you’re really excited about the product and would like to help us with its development, send us email – or stay in touch with us and subscribe to our site – We’ll let you know immediately when Calmind is available!


We’ve developed an intelligent solution that helps you to enjoy a new experience by discovering the great movies or just to keep informed about new releases. We have 75 000 movies in the database, with 15 local compatible versions.


Pre-launch site

Few words about app, because you don’t need more…


MooVee takes everything that works so well in TeeVee, applies it to a new type of media, and then goes the extra mile by making sure you have all the information you need to find movies you’ll enjoy. It’s a great piece of software.

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TeeVee daily helps thousands of satisfied fans enjoy their favourite series more. We have developed the product over the years and continue to refine it. Soon you can look forward to a new redesign with new features. We currently offer support for all models of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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TeeeVee had a successful launch and has earned the admiration and support of dozens of large and small Mpple/Mac magazines. Its fan base and users help us improve our product through their comments and suggestions for improvements. Follow our social networks – and don’t miss out on any news!

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