We are looking for driven, ambitious, hard workers with a sense for detail, who are inspired by challenges and ready to get involved.

Does this sound like you? Make your next move!

External UI designer

We’re looking for a pixel-perfect eye, with a recognition of modern design and desire to create beautiful, user-friendly solutions. We look forward to seeing your portfolio!

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External Copywriter / Ideamaker

Did you start writing before speaking your first word? Are you a good storyteller? We want your brain right now! It doesn’t matter if you’re on the other side of the world.

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External Front-End developer

Honestly, it’s hard to find a programmer who has a sense for design. If you’re one of those heroes, send us your work and a few words about yourself. Make us proud of you!

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External iOS developer

Almost everyone in today’s world has an iPhone or Macbook, but the heroes who develop beautiful apps for them are still rare. Show your stuff and send us your contact info!

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External Android developer

We have one condition – don’t be an Apple-hater, please! We are tolerant people, and also friends with Android users. Don't hesitate and let us know about you!

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External Another AA+ player

If you didn’t find yourself in any of the above positions but you have a perfect skill in something else and want to be a part of team – surprise us!

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Send us your CV and some info about yourself to WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! :)
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