Product development


Calmind application is beautiful example of how mixing technology with human behaviour depends on psychology. Thousands of satisfied customers will be a proof of how the digital era can make life better.

  • Concept
  • UI/UX
  • iOS Mobile application
  • Product video
  • Product Websites
  • Social interactivity
  • PR

Okay, first I want to tell you something. What we did is a bit unusual. The following materials are somewhat „undercover“, never published anywhere, so we’d be happy if they are not widely broadcast – and at the end, you’ll learn why.

Mobile application

well-designed screens

Pre-launch site

Official product page


If you’re excited about the product and want to try it, I have a bit of bad news – Calmind is not yet in the AppStore. We’re still working on it, but unfortunately sometimes things do not go as well as they should. We will try our best to make the product available as soon as possible. Please be patient. If you’re really excited about the product and would like to help us with its development, send us email – or stay in touch with us and subscribe to our site – We’ll let you know immediately when Calmind is available!

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